How to Bring More Business to Your Childcare Centre

"We need all the help we can get" is something I've heard a lot from childcare centre operators - hardly anyone is running at full capacity, and it is a worry that they may not be able to pay staff next week, or may have to let some go (and then what happens if numbers pick up again?. Childcare is a tricky business.)

Are these some of the issues you worry about at Angels at Beverly Hills?

eChildcare, The Australian Child Care Index, has spent the last 5 years helping parents find childcare in their neighbourhood. We know what they want in childcare, and we are the first place parents look when they make that step of looking for childcare.

But its not enough - we know that. Currently, we show name and address and phone number. Just the facts, ma'am, just the facts! You need a way to really let parents feel just what a great centre you run - and, frankly, eChildcare takes a lot of time to run, and we all know time is money.

It occurred to us that we have a matching of needs here. For a small annual fee, you can put your own information on the listing for your centre on eChildcare, and it will give us the funds to keep the directory online.

Everybody wins!

Planning this, we've put a lot of time into building a backend that will let you log in and edit your listing. Its an ongoing process as there are still bits handled by the normal "Edit This Entry" process, but we've got the core of it ready for you - we'd like to introduce you to our eChildcare Members Area

So, you're probably wondering - how does it work? Its easy!

  1. Sign in and pay your semi-annual fee
  2. Edit the listing for Angels at Beverly Hills
  3. View the live listing for Angels at Beverly Hills and see how much more it says about your centre straight away

Now, some people set up these subscription schemes and charge hundreds of dollars for access - but we understand the childcare industry better than that. Being parents ourselves, we know what sort of margins you are operating on, so we haven't set a high price here.

$ for each .

That sounds pretty fair, doesn't it?

What? Not enough for your money?

OK, here are some other benefits:

Hmmm… I see that little crease in your forehead.

You aren't sure that this is right for you, are you?

Should you chance it? What if you don't feel you are getting value for money?

Its true we can't make people call you - if there just happens to be no parents looking for childcare in your area then we can't magically create them.

So - we have a guarantee for you.

There's a day refund - if you aren't happy with your subscription, just ask us for a refund within 45 days of payment and we'll refund, no problem (we will politely ask why - if we have made you unhappy then we want to make changes so it doesn't happen again, but that 45 day refund isn't contingent on your answer).

Sounds good, doesn't it?

Have you read through everything and you can see how a paid subscription on eChildcare will help you?

Ready to get more parents calling your centre?

Time to click that button and put your centre front and centre before parents!

Looking forward to helping you!


Lea de Groot
CEO, eChildcare

PS. Best to act quickly - before the centre down the road does!